LiBER (Linear B Electronic Resources) is a CNR-ISMA project which aims at producing an integrated database of Linear B documents, with the ultimate goal of providing scholars, and all those who are interested in the Mycenaean world, with an updated edition of the Linear B documents, along with a new set of search tools. Individual texts are supplied with transcriptions, critical apparatus, photographs as well as, whenever possible, with all the relevant information about findspots, scribes, chronologies, inventory numbers and places of preservation. The database can be searched by series of documents, syllabic sequences, logograms, scribes and findspots, while search results can be displayed both as lists of texts and interactive maps.

At the present stage, the database contains the Linear B documents from Mycenae, Tiryns and Midea. The Knossos documents are currently being processed.

A CNR - ISMA project by Maurizio Del Freo [editor] and Francesco Di Filippo [developer]

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  • Appropriate Unicode fonts (e.g. DejaVu Fonts) are required to display the texts in the database.

Terms of use:

LiBER | Linear B Electronic Resurces is a CNR-ISMA website developed by M. Del Freo and F. Di Filippo. Reproduction of any material contained on the website is permitted for personal use only, on condition that the name of the authors and the source are clearly stated.